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The Momentum Institute's award-winning training and coaching programs help CEOs, business leaders and entrepreneurs master their mindset, be more resilient, and navigate change. The results are dramatic and life changing.

Vered Kogan, Founder and CEO of the Momentum Institute, is known for teaching simple steps to leverage the power of the subconscious mind. Her acclaimed MINDshift™ System focuses on shifting the negative thought patterns and emotional states that can be detrimental to success. She seamlessly brings her techniques to the podium, leaving her audiences both transfixed and transformed. 




Check out The MINDset Game® podcast for invaluable insights and tools on mindset, resilience and change. 

The MINDset Game™

In this captivating keynote presentation, Vered helps audiences understand why it can be hard to change, and helps them tap into their powerful subconscious mind to create transformational change.

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The Human Side of Change™

In a world of relentless change, it’s the most adaptable organizations that win. Vered’s rich stories and proprietary MINDshift™ process inspires audiences to navigate change and transform their organization.

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The Resilience Advantage™

This program offers leading-edge tools, developed by the Institute of HeartMath, designed to help bring your physical, mental and emotional systems into alignment for peak performance.

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